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Send file with HTTPRange support (partial download): <?php function smartReadFile($location, $filename


I'm looking for php code that changes file name -adds current date, and starts download the file with delay. If download will not start there is an option to download the file with added date by clicking...


<?php $target_dir = "cdn/uploads/"; $ext = substr(strrchr($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"], '.'), 1); // extension $file_name = md5(time().uniqid()) . '.' .$ext; // unique filename $target_file = $target_dir . $file_name; ?>.


How to change filename when downloading file from server using javascript. I am relatively sure that the download attribute will only rename files that you


i want to implement code so that when user will download that file, name of the file should be changed as example … suppose using this code file is uploaded it will be stored on server as name...


Is it possible to let your user download a file with a different name? For example, there is a file called "4324ffsd34.jpg". I want people to download it via download.php, with a different name...


File links are all http://website.com/f/xxx.png/zip/txt and so on. I need to set it up so that if a user downloads that file it would download with a different name.


It points to a file called upload.php. However, if you save your PHP by a different name, you should change it to match. Finding the Extension.


I need a PHP code that will rename the file when before it is uploaded.


I am using amazon S3 service with PHP by using this API https://github.com/tpyo/amazon-s3-php-class I am passing the url to client like this …


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